Keoma Wholesale

Since 2017, Keoma has been showcasing ethically focused global brands under our distribution and licence within Australia and New Zealand. Through our wholesale business, our aim is to cultivate a positive connection between our retailers and their customers by providing them with products that are quality in design and experience.

Our Brands

Kings of Indigo

Dutch label Kings Of Indigo since 2011, positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world, innovating with materials and sustainable production methods, constantly exploring how to reduce the impact on the planet and people; every garment made with consciousness.

From start to finish they follow the five pillars of sustainability: Planet Friendly Materials, Less Water Usage, Transport to Waste Management and Fair Working conditions.


From sourcing through to design, UK label Uskees use high quality, organic materials - putting a passion for craft at the centre of everything they do. Traditional techniques are shown the respect they deserve, so that lessons of the past can be used to create something for the future.

Uskees want to offer a genuine alternative to the outdated notion of fast fashion. Something that makes a difference to our audience, and in turn, our environment. Something that stands up for itself, and makes the right sort of statement.


EKN's sustainable and ethically produced footwear has been the response to the lack of care for workers and the environment in the global footwear industry.

Ekn's high performing and retro designed footwear is designed in Germany and hand made in Portugal, using a variety of recycled textiles, chrome free leathers and low impact vegan materials.

All of Ekn's footwear is produced in limited quantity to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum attention to detail. 

Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren

For more than 60 years Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren has been producing knitwear in Germany for sailors. The Leuchtfeuer Strickwaren company is a family business and was founded in 1956 by Adolf Grohmann and his wife. Leuchtfeuer knitwear specialises primarily in'Troyer' - marine style pullovers.

The company was responsible for hand knitting the famous 'Beacon Sweater' and a small range of caps and socks worn by fisherman and mariners of the time and since then, has taken this quality and aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe.

Malibu Sandals

Founded in Malibu, California, Kevin O’Neill founded Malibu Sandals in 2014 as a tribute to the surf-centric Californian city, though the brand’s infatuation with the huarache sandal is rooted in South American tradition.

With their vegan-friendly composition and built-in cushioned soles, Malibu’s broad variety of huarache-style silhouettes optimize carefree coastal living while challenging the conventions of footwear.

Wholesale Enquiries

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