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Matsu Candle Dark Indigo



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Made from white clay by a family run kiln in Seto, Japan, each cup is unique. Once we receive the cups from Japan, we then fill them with pure soy wax in Provider's Sydney studio. Designed around re-using, each candle is made to be repurposed as a Japanese tea cup after it's burnt out. 

- Made in Japan

- Pure soy wax poured in Surry Hills, Sydney

- Available in three unique fragrances

- Including our exclusive Rum & Maple Tobacco 'Keoma' scent

- Designed to be used as a mug afterwards 

Provider Store is a destination specialising in daily tools for the home. Most of what you will find in Provider Store is either handmade by Tara Bennett or by local and international creatives we have met along our travels. Each piece explores the concept of slow living, with an emphasis on creating ethical and sustainable products. Inspired by Tara’s travels, each item is a thoughtful representation of Provider's values. Aiming to create something special that tells a little story, while knowing exactly who made it and where it came from.