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Arizona EVA in Turquoise


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The BIRKENSTOCK Arizona is a genuine classic that has been delighting wearers for decades. For many, it is the epitome of the BIRKENSTOCK sandal because of its iconic design. The upper of this unisex two-strap sandal can be individually adjusted to the wearer’s feet using two sturdy metal buckles – guaranteeing a good fit and firm support. The Arizona has for years been one of our most popular models of sandals worldwide. The variety of available materials and colours make the model a sandal for all walks of life. 

EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a non-toxic synthetic compound. This creates lightweight and flexible footwear that is shock absorbent.

Made from EVA, this footbed is lightweight and flexible and still offers contours and arch support while being completely waterproof.

Birkenstock products are predominantly manufactured in Germany, with a focus on high quality, natural materials. A large proportion of the materials used to create Birkenstock footwear comes from sustainable sources, including cork, natural latex, jute, leather, wool feat, copper and brass. Given their durability, Birkenstock products are also sustainable by nature. Environmental protection has long been paramount at Birkenstock. Sustainability is an expression of the company’s corporate ethos rather than a marketing trend. Birkenstock’s environmentally friendly operations reflect this commitment, with the brand constantly working to improve its production processes, products, packaging and logistics.